About The Builder


I have been passionate about guitars my entire life. Since childhood I remember wondering how guitars worked and were built. I began building professionally in 2001, after working for seven years in the corporate world as a graphic designer. I came to realize that my interests in woodworking – at the time, boat building – and my love of guitars – intersected into my true passion: lutherie. I completed my training at the American School of Lutherie and worked for a period of time with legendary luthier Charles Fox, who has been kind enough to praise my work generously.

In 2003, I moved operations from Phoenix, Arizona, to Madison, Wisconsin, and set up a small studio where I work independently building quality hand-crafted guitars. I choose to work alone so I may personally attend to every detail of the guitars I build. I am fanatical about quality and I want to ensure that every instrument that bears my name is worthy of being called a Woolson Soundcraft guitar.

My guitars have many unique features you won’t find on other instruments, and ones that give my guitars their distinctive sound and personality. My aesthetic appointments are clean, elegant and understated. I prefer to showcase the materials and let them speak for themselves.

I have built for musicians with a variety of different musical styles and I very much enjoy working with each of them to help them discover the guitar of their dreams.