While it sometimes becomes painfully obvious to me that I spend far more time building my guitars than marketing them, I have managed to accumulate some very generous praise from veterans of the lutherie world as well as from my growing list of satisfied customers.

Paul and the Road Trip Guitar concept were featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Paul was selected as the Builder of the Month on Guitar Gala’s site.

"The thing is, Paul Woolson has been a top-level builder for a long time…and this includes his construction (and perfection) of the double-top process. Aside from his attention to exquisite woodworking detail, which we expect of the best builders, Paul is also appropriately well-known for bringing to life guitar after guitar with simply gorgeous tone. As a player, we like to have a catchy look to our instruments, but we fall in love with the tone. Paul has always had my highest recommendation, and for all of the above!"

--Larry Pattis

"Woolson Soundcraft guitars can be summed up in one word, Exquisite! Paul Woolson is an artist and craftsman of the highest caliber whose workmanship and attention to detail are second to none. His design elements flow together seamlessly and are as elegant and artistic as they are structural, functional and musical. Every Woolson guitar is designed and built with Paul’s personal vision and unique features such as the double top, cantilevered fretboard, etc … In addition he is one of the few luthiers willing to take on the challenge of adding a special feature that I requested, a built-in armrest. Paul rose to the challenge and created a wonderful design that seamlessly integrates the armrest right into the body of he guitar. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who is interested in owning and playing one of the finest hand built guitars available today that you contact Paul immediately!"

--Tim Farrell

“The work and craftsmanship that Paul delivers is pure genius, and the tone in his instruments are epically gorgeous!”

-- Gareth Pearson

Paul Woolson is among the most gifted, “born to it” young guitar makers with whom I've had the pleasure of working during my 30-plus years of teaching this craft. His intelligence, intuition and physical skills are uniquely suited to the work. In the hands of craftsmen like Paul, the future of lutherie looks pretty darn good.

-- Charles Fox Director American School of Lutherie

There really is a huge difference when you pick up and play a guitar that is the result of someone's passion instead of the result of an assembly line. You can hear the hours of loving labor invested in these beautiful guitars in every note you play on one. Everything from the action to the tone on a Woolson Soundcraft guitar is perfect because each one is a deeply personal expression of Paul's artistic passion. I wouldn't trade that for anything. I am honored to own a Woolson Soundcraft guitar.

 -- Brad Miles Everman

 I admit, I'm pretty picky about my guitars. So when it came time for me to have one custom built, I turned to Paul Woolson at Woolson Soundcraft. I wanted a guitar just for me. I wanted flair. I wanted awesome sound. I wanted a guitar that, in my hands, would melt like butter. Mission accomplished! I couldn't be happier with my new guitar. And when it comes time for my next one, Woolson Soundcraft will have my business. If you want personal attention and a guitar made 100% for you, look no further.

-- Fred Petrovsky, Phoenix, AZ

Here's a picture of me playing your (my !!) superb jazz box. It is by far the best sounding electric archtop I've ever owned and I've played about everything over my 52 years as a professional guitarist. The workmanship, the neck, the pickups (T.V Jones) and the superb selection of woods make this an incredible instrument.

-- Cliff Frederiksen Jazz 

I have been looking for an acoustic guitar for about a year-and-a-half now. I tried everything: new, used, cutaway, dreadnaught, etc. Every brand from Collings, Huss & Dalton, Breedlove and Santa Cruz. But when I first played the SIG Model Woolson Soundcraft guitar, I fell in love. Out of every guitar I played, this had the best sound, resonance, tone and beauty. Now, all I have to say is 'thanks'.

-- Jonathan Schoerlucke

I have wanted to get a 12 string acoustic guitar for a long time. I did extensive research on the internet which lead me to Paul's website. I contacted Paul with my request to have a 12 string made and how I envisioned this guitar. From that point to the time I received my guitar, Paul was a joy to work with. He was open to what I wanted and provided me with suggestions along the way during the building process. He also provided me with a series of pictures as it was being built. He was very good in requesting my input when needed and providing me with feedback during the building process. My emails and phone calls were always returned the same day. The guitar itself is a real beauty built with East Indian Rosewood and Koa binding. The craftsmanship is impeccable. The sound is awesome with a big full even range from highs to lows and without the jangle that you often hear from 12 strings. My 12 string fits me perfect and is very easy to play. I love playing this guitar. I can get lost playing chord progressions for a couple of hours and suddenly realize how much time has gone by. I just wish I had more time to spend with this great guitar. Thanks Paul for your integrity and professionalism and of course for this wonderful 12 string acoustic guitar.

-- Mark Cameron